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Coredeluxe Loadable Barbells Preferred Dimension
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Coredeluxe loadable barbells are compatible with standard olympic plates and / or our coredeluxe dumbbell bumpers.

Coredeluxe loadable barbells condense the key design and manufacturing elements of our full-size Coredeluxe Bar into a compact, versatile new format. As an alternative to storing a complete set of traditional barbells in your gym, the DLS-10 and DLS-15 barbell offer loadable sleeve lengths of 3.625” and 6.75” respectively - enabling athletes to make precision, custom weight adjustments in their barbell training using any standard Olympic plates as the increments.

We coredeluxe have also developed a new type of cylindrical 230mm diameter plate—the Coredeluxe Barbbell Bumper—manufactured specifically for use with the Loadable Barbell. Note, only the 10LB and 15LB Barbell Bumpers are compatible with the DLS-10 due to the reduced sleeve length.

The DLS-10 and DLS-15 are offered individually and are available in two shaft finishes: Black Zinc or Stainless Steel (all variations have a Bright Zinc sleeve finish). Customers can also add a set of coredeluxe OSO Collars when they are placing an order due to that reason using a set of collars is highly advised for securing the weight onto the barbell.

Raw Material Top quality

upper level standard alloy stainless steel with high qualiy germany bearting.

Accurate Weight +/- 0.1% of its claimed weight

The weight tolerance of Coreduluxe loadable barbells could be within +/- 0.1% of its claimed weight.

High-level customization Customization allowed

High-level customized and being capable to use as Loadable Barbells such the Professional gym, household etc.


  • Material:
    alloy stainless steel
  • Weight tolerance:
    +/- 0.1% of its claimed weight
  • Pairs:
  • Diameter:
  • Handle:
  • Tensile strength:
  • Yield strength:
  • Brand:
  • Country of origin:
    Xiamen, P.R.C
  • Tags:
    Coredeluxe Loadable Barbells


1. Coredeluxe loadable barbells are produced by top quality, upper level standard alloy stainless with high qualiy germany bearing. Made in Xiamen, P.R.C with International Weightlifting Federation standards.

2. Coredeluxe loadable barbells are 28.5mm knurled handle, bronze bushings and snap ring design with coredeluxe endcaps.

3. Length :14.25 inch (DLS-10) and 20 inch (DLS-15). Available as package with set of Coredeluxe OSO Collars.Note: the DLS-10 Loadable barbell is not compatible with barbell Bumpers greater than 15LB due to the reduced sleeve length.

4. IWF Standard, Quality, IWF Standard and quality give you best Olympic feeling.

5.Suitable for almost all Olympic 50 mm weightlifting change plates as well as compatible with any standard Olympic plates and/or Rogue Dumbbell Bumper plate. 

6.Coredeluxe Loadable Barbells are high-quality finish with a wear-resistant matte nickel-phosphor coating. Ends and rubber caps with weight indication and colour code. Avaiable in DLS-10 /DLS-15 two size only.

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