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Coredeluxe Urethane Bumper Plates Preferred Dimension
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Coredeluxe color-coded Urethane LB Bumpers are molded from top quality, high durometer urethane—ideal for producing a consistent dead bounce on the drop and maintaining the long-term integrity of the plate. The design of the single-piece, 140mm hard chrome insert also allows for easy loading on the bar with reduced friction on the sleeves. For a combination of performance and durability, few bumpers in the industry can rival these.

Coredeluxe Urethane Plates are including weight increments of 10LB, 25LB, 35LB, 45LB, and 55LB. Each plate includes original Coredeluxe branding in black with numerical weight callouts in gray. All marking are color-molded into the bumper for a great look that won’t fade over time.

The 10LB plates are not to be used alone for workouts where the barbell is repeatedly dropped and are not warrantied against cracking or breakage.

On the black 10LB plate, both the lettering and numbering are gray.

Raw Material Top quality

Top quality, high durometer urethane.

Accurate Weight +/- 10 Grams

The weight tolerance of Coreduluxe Urethane Bumper Plates could be within +/- 10 Grams.

High-level customization Customization allowed

High-level customized and being capable to use as Economical Urethane Bumper Plates such the Professional gym, household etc.


  • Material:
  • Hardness:
    90 Shore A
  • Pairs:
    10LB, 25LB,35LB,45LB,55LB
  • Weight tolerance:
    +/- 10 Grams
  • Collar opening:
  • Color:
    Black/Green / Yellow / Blue / Red
  • Thickness:
  • Diameter:
  • Center metal:
    45# steel with chromed plate
  • Brand:
  • Country of origin:
    Xiamen, P.R.C
  • Tags:
    Urethane Bumper Plates


1. Special Inner Constructions. Dropping Test: Dropping test from 2.2 Meters High Dropping machine, Dropping times 60 Minutes: 300 Drops which equal to 60,000 Drops under regular using. Gap is bettween 1MM. It is not like other brand Urethane Bumper Plates which occur big gap after few times dropped.

2. Dead Bounce: Bettween from 35MM to 45MM.

3. Smell: 100% urethane, No smell or odd which affect human body or healthy.

4. Printing: Qualified Printing assure long lasting and looking.

5. IWF Standard, IWF Quality, IWF Standard and quality give you best Olympic feeling.

6. Durometer 90 Shore A: Shore Durometer is one of several measures to test the hardness of a material. Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to permanent indentation and total failure. High durometer readings indicate a high material quality. Coredeluxe durometer is 90 A is very top lines rubber material.

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