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Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles are focus on quality, creating classics and super elasticity efficient compression as well as favour with nice elasticity and high strength, rebounded quickly and recover to original shape without defomred even when high-intensity pressure.Made of high-quality rubber granules with smooth surface and great shock absorption.

The surface layer of the composited rubber tiles is a wear-resistant layer, which is smoother and easier to clean.The rubber flooring mats has good elasticity, sound absorption and shock absorption, wear-resistant and non-slip, which can reduce the vibration from the fitness equipment.

Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles, any color could be cutomized. Product materials could be SBR, EPDM or EPDM+SRB and weights are 3.2KG to 64KG per pc along with product density 0.820g/cm3 upto 1.002g/cm3. Most of Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles (LengthxWidth) are 500mmx500mm, 500x1000mm, 1000mmx1000mm and thickness are from 15 to 80mm as well as other specifications can also be customized.

Raw Material Top quality

upper level standard SBR, EPDM or SBR+EPDM.

Accurate Weight +/- 3% of its claimed weight

The weight tolerance of Coreduluxe Rubber Floor Tiles could be within +/- 3% of its claimed weight.

High-level customization Customization allowed

High-level customized and being capable to use these Coredeluxe Rubber Floor tiles in such as the Professional gym, household etc.


  • Material:
  • Weight tolerance:
    +/- 3% of its claimed weight
  • Pairs:
  • Usage:
  • Brand:
  • Country of origin:
    Xiamen, P.R.C
  • Tags:
    Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles


1. Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles are made of eco-friendly SBR, EPDM or SBR+EPDM with B1 level fire retardant keep safety .

2. Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles are sound insulation without disturb others during training, anti-slip surface layer and long lifespan.

3. Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles are produced with high quality and standard which it will give you best Olympic feeling.

4.Coredeluxe are a one-stop solution provider with an integrating R&D, production, warehousing and logistics for the Rubber Floor Tiles industry field.

5.Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles have perfect crashworthiness and very high density and friction coefficient to reduce noise and vibration.

6.Coredeluxe Rubber Floor Tiles are environmental friendly pellets for safe use, flexible and good shock absorption effect, safety fire and flame resistant, and waterproof & non-slip not easy to fall etc features.

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