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Coredeluxe Competition Collar
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Coredeluxe Olympic weightlifting training Competition Collars features an improved design to increase strength and holding power over 50% from the classic version, are carefully calibrated and IWF satisfied for training and further to ensure easy installation and removal of the collars during workouts. They feature an attractive bronze chromed metal finish, while distinctive subtle ridges on the surface ensure a secure grip when handling. The competion collars are easy to operate, simply turn screw fastener to tighten and keep weight plates in place. A protective inner liner is gentle on equipment and a smart rubber inset prevents collars from “locking up.” The collars are designed for training purposes and change plates must be loaded INSIDE the collars along with the weight plates. Coredeluxe Collars is the best barbell collar choice for the lifters who demand maximum performance and durability from their equipment. For use with bumper plates, or Olympic-Style lifting we recommend Coredeluxe Competition Collars for maximum performance.

Raw Material Top quality

Top quality, upper level standard steel materials.

Accurate Weight 2.5kgs

Suitable for Olympic sized bars 50mm diameter Quick release

High-level customization Customization allowed

High-level customized and being capable to use as Olympic Powerlifiting training Barbell Collars etc.


  • Material:
  • Weight:
  • Color:
  • Usage:
    Suitable for all 2 / 50mm bars and all lifts
  • Brand:
  • Country of origin:
    Xiamen, P.R.C
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    Coreduluxe Competiton Collar


1. Coredeluxe Competion Collars are produced by high quality steel materials and use 2 inch diameter for Olympic barbell sleeves.

2. Coredeluxe Competion Collars are designed for securely fastening weight plates on barbell during training excercises.

3. Coredeluxe Competion Collars are weight training accessory for speed, agility, strength, power, and all other athletic, fitness, weight, or cross training, and are satisfied by the IWF for training.

4. IWF Standard, Quality, IWF Standard and quality give you best Olympic feeling.

5.Coredeluxe Competition Collars add 5kgs to overall weight on the barbell when in use and are carefully calibrated to whithin +3g/-0g for the 2500g collars . Custom logo,color and brand are avaiable.

6.Coredeluxe Lock-Jaw Collars are quick steel molded frame, collar’s ridged surface ensure grip won’t slip, one-hand installation and removal makes changing weights easy, suitable for 2-Inch (50mm) Olympic Barbells, and for powerlifting, workouts where bar is not dropped(Secure Grip). 

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